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What is A PBN? PBN or Private Blog Network is a black hat SEO strategy to improve the rank of your website. I also use notable tools like Spyder Spanker. In contrast, there used to be a few public blog networks (like BuildMyRank and Linkvana) in the pre-Peguin and pre-Panda world. How to avoid Google’s sanctions? Private blog network tutorial You already know how to build a private blog network. We are looking for sites that were failed startups or lazy bloggers. After you secured your new domain, you have to pay for private WHOIS, get hosting, and add content. It makes it really easy to cherry pick those awesome domains. Usage of duplicate contents, spam comments etc

 It is possible to have a PBN consisting of free blogs, like,, or After that, they go onto a second page. They aren't going to fight tooth and nail (and allocate the resources) against something that isnt a major issue for them. What? You don’t have to worry about the content?? Here’s the deal – It’s risky in a way, but Bluechip Backlinks has a way to rebuild sites using the content on We can’t use the site name “Best Weight Loss” or the domain “” multiple times in the anchor text because they both include the keyword. It goes without saying, most of their manipulations are link-related because that is precisely what Google considers a ranking signal. This percentage is known as IDL score or IP Danger Level score. If you are still manually checking ExpiredDomains and Godaddy Auctions then you are wasting your time and effort

These indicate that the search results probably direct to suspicious websites. Why? Because it works. I’ve used him to rank sites when I don’t have time to do it myself and I can tell you now he’s an absolute machine when it comes to ranking. Back to the setup… Select the protocol and make sure the ‘In Directory’ field is blank: Next fill out the site information, I’m sure you don’t need to know how to do this: That’s about all there is to it, then you simply scroll down and click the ‘Install’ button. Now we have a list of domains, head over to the NameCheap and use their bulk tool: They will give you a list of all the domains that are available to register: Next you can run these through Majestic Bulk Backlink Checker: And they will give you the list of metrics. You just had to have more backlink than your competitors if you wanted to rank. Almost all of the internet marketers were into this PBN game so when Google smashed them, they had no other option but to cry and say PBNs are gone! For the next 6 odd months, most of them stayed away from PBNs

If you get stuck with any of the steps, or don’t know how to do something, then feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll try my best to help you out. Make sure that it’s turned on. I’ve already given away the exact tools and systems (inc. If a domain you buy from them doesn't get ​indexed - then 9 out of 10 times you'll get an appropriate replacement. I’m normally thinking about the SEO aspect of PBNs, but there is a big opportunity in domain brokering

Each one is completely individual and unique, so keep it that way! 2) Link out to each money site no more than 3 times per blog, and use raw links as much as possible 3) Use unique content for the articles that will include your links 4) Add authority outbound links to make your blogs appear natural 5) Try to avoid selling links on your network, it’s a Private Blog Network for a reason! So that pretty much sums it up. Simply take the expired domain you bought and 301 redirect it to your main site

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Option 3 – Using Auction Websites Before scraping was popular, most people would buy domains from auctions. With a distributed service you should always ensure that default cpanel settings are changed and that each IP is identified with a unique email address so your real email is protected. I’m here to tell you that the link juice is going to flow regardless. If your PBN site is about the same topic as your money site, it is easy… write another post about that topic. I can never remember the URLs, the passwords - so have to search in my inbox for the information. You’ll want to pay attention to the number of backlinks, the number of unique referring domains, the percentage of backlinks that are DoFollow versus NoFollow, anchor text usage and so much more. Domain ReAnimator Another tool that is continually growing is DomainReanimator, which is owned by Brian Burt. On further analysis, we found that most of the sites were of substandard quality and were disobeying the webmaster’s guidelines. Placing the link to your money site on this page will ensure you get the maximum link juice to it

You can wait for an additional 2 weeks at this time, but beyond that, I suggest you accept that you bought a bad domain and move on to the next one. That algorithm determines how well your web page matches a user’s query – and in turn, where it appears on the search engine results page. And as you have probably experienced, it’s challenging to get these types of links through outreach or naturally. Now download the following plugins. It is mainly used to try & dupe search engines by hiding reciprocal links through the usage of third party websites.11. When Google checks this issue, it indicates collusion for backlinks. Simply using a different hosting company for each PBN is not going to get you a new IP. In seconds, both your cash and time investment can be worth nothing. Be careful setting this up because we don’t want it to get wiped out one night because we were careless and raised a big red flag

Getting Social - The Sneaky Way... What Pages Should you Create? Each site should have a few standard type pages to make it seem legit, but make sure to chop and change how you refer to each page, and what URL slug you give it. As you can include 2 links though, which I do most of the time, you can also include a link to another page on your money site. A keyword in domain name may help additionally but if you look at legitimate companies and their websites, a URL name is usually just a company name hardly ever connected with the niche the company is in. They might not want you to include a backlink to your website within the article itself, but they’ll let you put it in your bio. Here you can find them Private Blog Network Posting Hope it helps Last updated: March 21, 2018 at 16:07 pm PBN Hosting is arguably the most important part of your network and is the single most important factor when it comes to deindexing according to our research. You’ll generate far more social backlinks, drive more traffic, and build better brand awareness

Images on the other hand, are significantly easier. How To Select The Best Web Host First of all, you need to realize that there are numerous good hosting companies that are available online. Remember, if you compromise here, you might have to suffer in the long run

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The information about a total sum of payment is visible below. Why #10. When trying to sell their services to new customers, many SEO hosts add unrelated tips to their service page. In fact, it is so big that no one really even knows how big it is. When one website links to another website, search engines consider it a "vote"� in favor of that website. When adding your website to Search Console, we recommend adding both http:// and https:// versions, as well as the "www" and "non-www" versions

Keeping this in mind, we at SEO Host have decided to outperform ourselves so that we can deliver the Best SEO Hosting options for all our clients. Buying a domain name is cheap Buying a domain name is pretty cheap. If you already have a normal web host, then check whether or not they also offer SEO hosting plans. Also I would like to notice that promotion for keywords like “hosting” and “web hosting” is extremely difficult process due to high competition (though these keywords begin to “sell” beginning from top-20!) Methods of getting links The basis of search optimization are at the moment: As we have already noted, hosting sites have a large number of backlinks. You list the product in your ecommerce website as a “Bradley Jacket”. Once you have successfully added your sitemap, it will appear as pending. Windows hosting is often more expensive than Linux hosting, especially in the dedicated server area. Backups are also taken daily AND before and after all major updates (e.g. There's no magic that a hosting company can do, but there are a handful of ways in which web hosting services can affect your SEO: Let's break down those factors in more detail. People interested in such things, according to our observations, come by queries like “cheap hosting”, “cheap web hosting”, and the quantity of such searches is very small because Godaddy and Hostgator take away the lion’s share of these customers, mainly due to type-in traffic

Having your website in top positions on the result pages it means to more exposure for your website. For SEO purposes it would be preferable to have independent control of the navigation links. Benefits Of SEO Hosting The fundamental advantage of having a hosting account with a multiple IP hosting company is that each of the sites you deploy can have its own IP, rather than being forced to share 1 IP across many shared hosting accounts or one hosting account with many domains. Tell Google which pages shouldn't be crawled Best Practices For non-sensitive information, block unwanted crawling by using robots.txt A "robots.txt" file tells search engines whether they can access and therefore crawl parts of your site. The Big Cartel documentation even says to link to your actual blog (on a separate domain,) which is terrible advice from an SEO standpoint

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What is a Private Blog Network aka PBN? It's simple; you build a bunch of websites & blogs on domain names that are owned by you. In summary, these 3 expired domain crawling tools are all cloud based, offer great support and can be left to do their thing whilst you get on with building your website. And clearing the filters is easy just click ‘Clear Filters’. No matter how well you develop your network, you’re always going to be at risk of two things: A) your sites get deindexed and B) your site lands a manual penalty for “Unnatural Inbound Links”

If you are a marketing agency, you will most likely fall into category (iii) i.e. Yes, organic search can bring you great users. The most important thing I want you to take away from this post is that you have to begin your journey. You can even use it on your mobile devices so you can appear to be in a different country when your not!! can be helpful for accessing certain sites! Get your VPS account here What Niche should my blogs be about? If you are only planning on using your Blog Network to help boost 1 or 2 of your money sites then you should set all of them up in the same niche as your money site. Hearing SEO hosting, as the name suggests “SEO,” people quickly conclude that IP addresses utilized in this type of hosting can easily be selected by Google search engine, based on its name. If anyone and everyone can purchase a link from the network, you can be assured that one day, it will go down! How long have PBNs been used? Looking at Google Trends, you can see that people have been googling “private blog networks” as early as 2005. From here you need to go to the ‘Status Code’ column and filter it by 12007, which means ‘no such host’, basically the website is not pointed at a server – so highly likely to be available for registration.  Just make sure that the random blog is not a direct competitor to your site. Relatively easy to do if you have 500-2,000 words on your homepage

You have another option I highly recommend… It's called Hostnine. Moreover, the text becomes difficult to comprehend if some words are repeated too many times.3. Just like the daily lists, not all these domains are spam-free, but they will replace your list if you can’t register at least 3. Not every single domain is valuable, so we need to find a domain with a good age, and some good backlink profiles

You can build a blog network using Easy Blog Network in less than 30 minutes and you have to manage everything on complete autopilot mode. There is a way to rebuild existing content from an expired domain, but it’s risky. The PBN HQ marketplace, on all the domains I've recently bought, contains no spam at all. If the weight loss site received a full backlink manual review, the worst case scenario is you lose the health cluster – not the others. Here are some specific links to help you: This strategy is listed for the advanced users, it is far from simple

Why do PBNs work better than white hat link building? Typically once you have created great content, you would need to do an outreach campaign to get other authoritative websites to link to your content. Now: The Chain Network Technique is one technique I use very often on many of my personal projects including some of my client's project. Place Contextual links to hide your footprint If you have 40 blogs, all about your nice and they all have 2 outbound links, and those 2 links happen to point at your money site then this is going to look suspicious! It will leave a big footprint and your hard work could be wasted. You can, by contrast, own an interrelated network of blogs that benefit you

If you keep your PBN links between 5-20% of your overall link profile, then you should be pretty safe. It’s a simple and effective test. Whois protection services are also a good option sometimes. Here is what I recommend: Try to find a domain that has these metrics: And use your common sense too in the whole process. All I can say to them is … Stop Metrics are useful to help you filter down from a list of 200,000 expiring domains to a list of 20 expired domains. This saves you a  lot of time. The domains are listed on your dashboard and you’ll be able to buy them for the cost of registration. Hosting on a Virtual Private Server One of the more recently popular solutions we have seen for web hosting is the use of a virtual private dedicated server (VPS) in combination with IP address cloaking techniques such as the use of content delivery networks (CDNs) and an IP address provider like RocketIPs. It was never completed, but now there are far better solutions than I ever could have created, like BulkBuyHosting.Yes, that’s an affiliate link.But I’m actively hosting my websites with them.And the reason why is simple:Zero footprints One simple dashboard for managing all of your sites A single bill for all your sites Aka PBN management no longer sucks

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Keep in mind that Google can also see your contact information for your domain. After that comes the next test: how do you get your site found by readers, viewers, or customers? That’s where SEO comes in, and if that’s something you haven’t studied, don’t worry. Best Practices Accurately summarize the page content Write a description that would both inform and interest users if they saw your description meta tag as a snippet in a search result. While the business owner could simply remove the product or product category from the online store, this runs the risk that another website (or even another page on your own site) could now be linking to a URL that no longer exists

Embedding Embed the YouTube version of the video on your site Any views on your site will raise the total number of views for the video on and will help to improve the overall ranking on Since Google own YouTube, they are pretty good about knowing when and where something is embedded - so there is no problem in using an iframe to embed the videos. It is possible that pages blocked by robots.txt can still be crawled, so for sensitive pages you should use a more secure method. Why? Service quality is one reason, but the main reason for the price difference is just in who these companies target as customers. – then there’s no reason a quality site would want to link to your YouTube video page rather than the page on your site that has the additional context, even if the embedded video is hosted on YouTube. PBNs are usually domains with age and backlinks that formerly belonged to another entity – company or an individual

If you did find it useful, I’d really appreciate a share on your social network of choice. Due to this lack of guarantees and certainty, a business that relies heavily on search engine traffic can suffer major losses if the search engines stop sending visitors.[60] Search engines can change their algorithms, impacting a website's placement, possibly resulting in a serious loss of traffic. If removing such unwanted links from the widget is not possible, you can always disable them with “nofollow" attribute. In order for everything to look legit, you need to get a bunch of accounts on different shared servers and put a bunch of domains on them to create your private blog network

When people hear about SEO hosting, a common query is “Why should I use SEO hosting; surely I can optimize my site for search with any hosting company.” That’s completely right, but SEO hosting has a specific place in the SEO strategist’s tool box. For example, if you had 10 different website and used regular shared web hosting such as HostGator’s ‘Baby’ account, all 10 sites would share the same IP address. There aren’t enough IP addresses to go around, and so hosting companies often don’t have anywhere near enough to cover all their clients. Here is how to use each of these options to your advantage, and find the most appropriate web host for your blog from all the options in your list. These aid a website in boosting reader and visitor engagement. This is obviously not ideal

For example, users who subscribe to your RSS feed will be able to read the full article in their feed reader without ever visiting your website. One glance at the package features says it all. There are 7 main ways that servers directly affect speed: Server Type There are 2 main types of servers, Apache and Nginx. Unlike standard VPS, Windows VPS allows you to customize the memory, IP, and a lot more. A fragment (in this case, "#info") generally identifies which part of the page the browser scrolls to. That will hopefully lead to links. Your services are just awesome. SEO Hosting takes this one step further and allows you to host all your websites from one server/location BUT on different/unique c-class ip's. Although many shared hosting providers promise unlimited resources and good service not all meet their promises